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Letter from our CEO, Ángel Luis Justo

ELENCO AUDIOVISION S.L was born almost 25 years ago, mainly driven by the aspirations of young workers with technical knowledge and a particular dream focused on the technical art of video, sound, translation, and lighting.

A series of factors and people aligned to support the foundation of a small company, and the commitment was strong and long-lasting. The first major equipment they acquired was not a microphone or a slide projector, but the first projector on the peninsula with features that only a few select companies had in Europe.

After almost 25 years, the story has written the path of ELENCO, a pioneering company in both technical equipment and personnel. From here, we have all grown: engineers, technicians, logistics experts… The best people and professionals have passed through here. The best event agencies in the country have trusted and continue to trust us. We continue to pioneer in technique and equipment maintenance… because for us, every day is a new beginning with the enthusiasm of the first day, making way for new professionals and letting go of great people and professionals to pave their own path, but always with the respect, admiration, and pride of having belonged to the great family, my great family, that is ELENCO AUDIOVISION S.L.

In hindsight, the pandemic put our years of investment and perseverance to the test and showed us that we were capable of bringing out the best in ourselves.

The hard work and vision we have had during these years help us to mark a new path. Join us on this long road that we still have to travel.

Our Story

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  • Elenco Audiovision is born, a project that marks a before and after for all of us

  LED Screen

  • We make our first major investment in LED screen technology

TV Productions

  • We took our first steps in TV production and now we are broadcasting between 8 and 10 programs on major TV channels

Barcelona Headquarters

  • We opened a branch office in BCN due to high demand from our clients and the increasing number of international events. Today, it has become a major delegation for our company

Reinventing Ourselves

  • As we approach our 25th year of existence, it’s time to reinvent ourselves and capitalize on our industry experience


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Cine y Ficción

Blog | elenco audiovisiónSistema de producción virtual para optimización de tiempos, costes y recursos en cine, ficción y publicidad. Podemos generar entornos 3D hiperrealistas a medida e imágenes rodadas 360 sticheadas para poder hacer una reproducción del contenido...

4YFN 2022

Blog | elenco audiovisiónUn año más hemos estado presente, durante el MWC,  donde se celebra una feria de startups, el 4YFN. Una feria que confía plenamente en nuestros años de experiencia, donde montamos todos los espacios Audiovisuales, pantallas de led,...

El Robot aplicado al Audiovisual

Blog | elenco audiovisiónEl robot de precisión aplicado al Audiovisual La integración del led o cualquier equipo audiovisual en unos robots desarrollados principalmente para cadenas de montaje fue un punto de inflexión en el concepto del evento aquí en España y en...